Kamado Monolith Le Chef Proserie 1.0 Black with Teak table

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Kamado Monolith Le Chef Proserie 1.0 in Black with Teak table.

MONOLITH grill means freedom. This ceramic grill delivers on all it promises – grilling, smoking, baking, cooking, barbecuing or roasting. Enjoy all the options it offers, impress your guests and spoil your taste buds. Your garden will become a realm of endless choices.

The MONOLITH grill is design. It combines aesthetics with functionality in an accomplished fashion. An object of art, pleasing to both the eye and the palate.

The MONOLITH grill is an all round talent. It brings Italian gastronomic culture and the Argentinean way of live directly in to your home. 365 days of holidays every year.

The MONOLITH grill is tradition. For over 3000 years ceramic grills have been used to cook, grill and smoke. In the 70s the ceramic grill evolved out of the, for centuries known, Mushikamado and began to blaze its trail of success.

The MONOLITH grill is made of extremely heat-resistant ceramics and high-grade stainless steel. It has two practical side tables made of bamboo. The stand, like most of the metallic parts, is made of high-grade stainless steel. Due to the very good insulation of the heavy ceramics and the ingenious regulation of the air supply you can control the temperature in the MONOLITH, unlike any other type of grill. The consumption of charcoal is around 25 - 50% compared to a customary grill.

The outside temperature of the MONOLITH is much lower than a steel grill - there is minimal danger of burn injuries.

The required temperatures are reached very quickly through the chimney effect.

Low air circulation prevents the meat from drying out.

Very wide temperature range.

Due to the extremely temperature resistant ceramics and the use of high-quality Steel the MONOLITH is very low-maintenance and can even be used in winter.

The Kamado Monolith Le Chef  Proserie 1.0 is our most popular model. With a grid diameter of 56 cm. It‘s the perfect choice for your, barbecuing, smoking, baking, searing, or roasting needs. Extend the grill surface with the 2nd level grids, making it large enough to cook different dishes simultaneously. Our unique system of supplying wood chips, chunks or pellets allows you to insert the smoke chips directly over the hot charcoal, without having to raise the lid! Furthermore, there are an extensive range of optional access ories including the cast iron grid, pizza stone, plancha, wok & wok stand all add to making the Monolith Classic the perfect outdoor kitchen.

Kamado Monolith Proserie 1.0:

The ground-breaking Monolith Proseries is the natural evolution of their proven and successful grills, offering numerous innovations. The ingenious smart grid system provides ultimate flexibility to create different grill zones. You can position your half-moon protector stones, grill grates and drip pans in any of 4 levels dependent on your cooking requirements.

Smart grid system: This unique smart grid system offers unrivalled functionality. Complete with metal frame and detachable handle you can lift the entire system (including 2 grill grates, 2 deflector stones and 2 drip trays) in and out of your Monolith in one clean, simple movement.

Firebox: The cutting-edge segmented fire box is seated on a Stainless Steel frame featuring an integral concaved ash compartment & matching profiled shovel.

Grilling Methods:

Barbecue, low temperature cooking, baking, smoking ...

Which ever way you prepare your dishes, the MONOLITH grill will always enable you to achieve perfect results. No matter whether you need very high temperatures to grill the perfect steak or smoke a large amount of meat for hours on low temperatures.

The MONOLITH used as a stone oven is perfectly suitable for baking pizza or bread. The temperature range is between 70 °C and 400 °C. Due to its unique efficiency the grill needs very little energy to generate and maintain the desired temperatures. Using 3 kg of charcoal, the MONOLITH can work in the low temperature range for up to 24 hours. Hence very little oxygen is required; air movement is extremely low in the grill, preventing the meat from drying out. The meat remains moist. If you just want to quickly grill 2 steaks, this is not a problem.

Due to the chimney effect, the charcoal heats up extremely fast. With the high temperatures you can grill the steaks, closing the openings afterwards to regulate the air. The grill and fire area are very well sealed; the charcoal embers die down within a short time and can be used for another time.

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Grilling is the go-to technique for quick, delicious and cosistent results.

Using high-quality charcoal will ensure a steady flame and unmatched flavor in everything you grill, from burguers to corn on the cob.

With this method the grill rack is placed on the fire ring over the hot coals. The food must be turned in order to be grilled from both sides.


The deflector stone is placed on the fire ring     over the hot coals, protecting the food from        the direct heat. The grill rack is raised with         the distance piece.

Indirect heat is probably the most common        way of cooking on a Kamado.

With this method, the heat is diffused around     the plate and evenly heats the food.

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More than a grill, the Kamado Monolith can        become a charcoal-fired oven with just one      simple configuration.

Its ceramic walls retain heat and its circular       shape promotes superior air circulation,           creating ideal conditions for baking.

You can bake anything you’d cook in an              indoor oven, from wood-fired pizzas to rustic    berry cobblers to fresh, crusty bread.


Different options exist for smoking food:           smoking with wood, wood chips or wood          flour. After heating the grill up, close the air         regulator, minimising the intake of air.

By adding different kinds of seasoning or           spices destined for smoked food, you can       change the flavour of your meal as you wish.        It is used for traditional barbecue meats that       require long, slow cooking at low heat, such        as ribs, brisket, whole turkey, and pulled pork.

Key Features:

- Integrated thermomether on lid.

- Cast-Iron air regulation cap.

- Made of resistant ceramic.

- Bottom window to remove the ashes easily.

Accessories included with this Kamado Monolith:

- Teak table.

- Stainless Steel grill rack.

- Additional grill to get a two storied Stainless Steel grill rack.

- Burning box.

- Ceramic ring.

- Ashtray.

- Charcoal basket with two compartments.

- Stainless Steel ash shovel.

- Cast-Iron air regulation cap.

- Grill lifter.

- Wood chips feeder.



- Cooking diameter: Ø 56 cm.

- Weight: 160 kg.

- Limited 10 year warranty programme.

- Manufacturer: Monolith

Note: In this lot is not included the cart with aluminum feet and side tables, the photos shown are only for informative cooking methods, characteristics and dimensions of the Kamado. What it is included is the wooden Teak table and galvanized iron.

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