Weber Summit Charcoal Grill

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Weber Summit Charcoal Grill.

Summit by name and Summit by nature, Weber's top-of-the-range charcoal barbecue does it all.

Whether it be grilling, roasting or baking at extremely high temperatures, or smoking over a long period of time at a very low temperature this barbecue has been designed to allow you to do the lot!

Extensive thought was put into how this charcoal BBQ design. Weber barbecues are designed so that you never have to worry about flare-ups, hot and cold spots, or burnt food. Expect excellent performance, control, and results every time.

Easy-Open Lid Hinge:

The lid of this BBQ is designed with a spring hinge to make opening and closing simple and safe. The hinge prevents the lid from slamming shut, preventing possible injury or damage to the barbecue.

Bowl and lid:

The air-insulated: cause of a thick aluminium lid liner, double-wall bowl and lid, it retain heat for longer cook times and excellent temperature control and also the need less fuel to cook with. The unique kettle shape of your Summit charcoal grill allows for true convection cooking.

Gourmet BBQ System Cooking Grate:

Made of heavy-duty Stainless Steel, the Ø 61 cm. hinged Gourmet BBQ System grate with a removable 30 cm. centrepiece, allows you to combine all of the GBS accessories to further enhance your cooking possibilities.

Snap-Jet gas Ignition System:

Lighting charcoal has never been easier with the Snap-Jet gas ignition system. Simply pile charcoal above the burner tube and ignite it with the burner control knob.

Diffuser Plate:

The versatile hinged diffuser plate plays many roles depending on the type of cooking being done. Comprising of two layers of hinged Stainless Steel the plate can be used to enclose an air gap to aid low and slow smoking as well as stand up to higher temperatures during grilling.

Built-In Thermometer:

The large, durable, built-in lid thermometer allows you to easily monitor your BBQ’s temperature. The “smoke” zone on the thermometer indicates when the barbecue has reached the ideal temperature for smoking.

Dampers and vents:

A major component in charcoal grilling is air. The more air allowed into the BBQ, the hotter the fire will grow (to a point) causing the charcoal to burn much faster. The bowl vent on the bottom of the barbecue should be open while grilling or in the smoke position while smoking. The top damper is used to control the temperature within the BBQ; however, should never be completely closed.


Smoking is cooking food at a low temperature, over an extended period of time. This technique is also referred to as the “low and slow method.” Cooking low and slow keeps the juices and flavor in your food to produce an extremely tender piece of meat. Smoking works great for large cuts of meat such as: brisket, turkey, pork shoulder, ribs, and whole chicken.

Grill Setup For Smoking: 1.- Place fuel grate in the bottom position of the bowl then place the center support ring in the middle position of the bowl. 2.- Pile charcoal on the fuel grate above the tip of the burner tube. 3.- Light the charcoal. Refer to “Burner Ignition - Lighting with Snap-Jet Gas Ignition System.” Note: Lid, dampers, and vents must remain open when igniting charcoal with gas ignition. 4.- Put on barbecue mitts or gloves. With long tongs, add Weber wood chunks or chips to the perimeter of the lit charcoal. 5.- Place the diffuser plate within the center support ring. Note: A disposable drip pan should be placed on the diffuser plate to collect drippings and minimize cleaning time. Add two drip pans when smoking larger pieces of meat. 6.- Place the cooking grate on the top position of the bowl. Note: The hinges on the cooking grate and diffuser plate should line up accordingly to easily add charcoal while smoking. 7.- Close the lid. 8.- Once the barbecude reaches the smoke zone on the thermometer, slide the bowl vent arm to the smoking position rotate the Rapidfire lid damper accordingly to maintain recommended smoke temperature. 9.- Begin cooking. Consult recipe for recommended cooking times.

Fuel Grate:

The fuel grate has what it takes to withstand the heat of any charcoal fire. Made of heavy- duty steel, this durable grate will not warp or burn through. The grate can be moved to a higher position in the bowl for grilling and lower position for smoking.

Tool holder:

Hang the barbecue utensils on this handy Stainless Steel tool holder that sits on the side of the barbecue bowl.

Locking Casters:

Industrial grade casters make moving around the patio easy, while the locking mechanism keeps the barbecue in place.

One-Touch Cleaning System:

The Stainless Steel One-Touch cleaning system makes clean-up hassle free. As you move the handle back and forth, the three blades in the bowl move ash from the bottom of the grill into the high capacity ash catcher for quick and clean ash removal. These same vents act as a bowl damper, to help bring oxygen up to the fire or to allow you to easily extinguish the fire.

Bottom Wire Rack:

There is a Stainless Steel bottom wire rack that supplies additional storage, also it is a good place to store the diffuser plate when not in use.

Included with the barbecue are a drip tray to collect the dripping fats and juices, Char-Baskets and a charcoal cup to make it easier to measure the recommended quantity of fuel.

- Height: 100 cm.

- Width: 96 cm.

- Depth: 100 cm.

- Weight: 63 kg.

- Made in U.S.A.

- Limited 10 year warranty programme.

- Manufacturer: Weber

- Model: 18301004

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Model: 18301004
Colour: Black
EAN code: 077924041914
Fuel: Charcoal
Cooking area (cm): ø 61
Double construction porcelain-enamelled bowl and lid:

Temperature gauge on the lid with Smoke reading:

Hinged Gourmet BBQ System cooking grate:

Charcoal grate:

One-Touch® cleaning system:

Rapidfire lid damper:

Snap-Jet gas ignition:

2 Charcoal and Briquette Holders:

Hinged diffuser plate:
Rust-proof removable ash catcher:
Smoke setting incorporated into the One-Touch cleaning system:
Tool holders:
Large Stainless Steel handle on lid:
Sturdy spring-assisted hinge on lid:
Charcoal measuring cup:
Wheels: 3


Assembled dimensions in cm. 100 x 96 x 100
Box dimensions in cm. 92 x 74 x 79
Weight in Kg: 65


Warranty (years):
Bow and lid: 10
One-Touch® cleaning system: 5
Stainless Steel cooking grate: 5
Plastic components: 5
All remaining parts: 2






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