SmokeFire EX6 GBS Wood Fired Pellet BBQ

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Weber SmokeFire EX6 GBS Wood Fired Pellet Barbecue.

Prepare your favourite recipe outdoors, because everything that can be cooked tastes better on the barbecue. With its 95-315 °C temperature range, SmokeFire is a true all-in-one barbecue that allows you to sear a cut of meat just as well as smoking a brisket, baking a pastry dish or whatever you like.

Weber pellet barbecues are designed to do it all. It stands out for the particularity of remote cooking, which gives you the freedom to walk away and monitor the heat, or even adjust it, from your smartphone. Receive notifications with all kinds of information: from when it's time to turn the food over to a countdown that indicates when it will be ready. Notifications on your phone even alert you when it's time to grab another bag of pellets and reload. The SmokeFire makes sure your food is at its perfect point.

Designed according to its purpose: It achieves the best flavor of a wood fire, beyond personal preferences. SmokeFire specializes in everything from perfectly scoring a juicy cut of meat to grilling low'n'slow ribs.

Smoke, Sear, and enjoy endless possibilities with a barbecue that does it all. SmokeFire is an all-in-one wood-fuel barbecue that allows you to sear a cut of meat just as well as smoking a brisket or baking a plate of pastry. Its wide temperature range, which is precisely controlled, gives you limitless possibilities to obtain the best flavor with any cooking time, helping you to bring out the chef you have got in your interior.

No effort has been spared so you can enjoy the best and most delicious food made with wood fuel. Whether you want to smoke low'n'slow ribs, prepare juicy burgers on the grill or want to bake a pizza, SmokeFire is the only barbecue you need to do it all over a fire made of natural wood pellets.

Barbecuing and smoking over wood not only helps you achieve some of the tastiest dishes you've ever tried; it is also a delight for the senses. As soon as the wood begins to smoke, the air gets impregnated with the unmistakable aroma of Apple, Hickory, Cherry or whatever your favorite wood is. The result is a natural BBQ flavor with the subtle taste of smoking.

The Weber SmokeFire EX6 GB pellet barbecue has a 91 x 45 cm main cooking surface, Stainless Steel grills with the Gourmet BBQ System (GBS), a 91 x 25 cm top grill. It offers numerous possibilities, from smoking to grilling. It is also compatible with Weber Connect. The SmokeFire preheats in 15 min, making it very practical as a daily barbecue, and it marks the meat just as well as a gas or charcoal barbecue.

Porcelain Enamelled Lid and Cookbox:

Built to outlast the competition, SMOKEFIRE’s shine goes far beyond looks. The exclusive WEBER Porcelain-Enamelled finish withstands the elements and helps prevent rusting and cracking over time.

Large Hopper:

The large capacity hopper holds an entire 9kg (20 pound) bag of pellets: perfect size for all day smoking.

 Responsive Incline Drive Engine:

This DC powered engine was built to heat hotter and faster than most pellet barbecues in order to reach a 93-315°C (200-600°F) temperature range. This gives you the versatility to sear steaks, smoke BBQ ribs, bake pizza, and everything in between.

Easy-Clean Ash and Grease System:

With superior ash and grease removal, the ash and grease are channelled into a contained drawer for a quick and easy clean-up. This means not having to look at all that nasty grease in a bucket hanging from the side of your beautiful new pellet barbecue. This unique system also prevents ash from blowing up into the cookbox and onto your food.

Large Barbecuing Area:

Two large levels of cooking space will hold enough food to feed everyone at the party.

Glow Plug Ignition:

The glow plug provides ignition for the fuel in your pellet barbecue, similar to a heating element in an electric oven.

Easy to use:

The SmokeFire barbecue is equipped with a diffusion system that allows a regular distribution of heat through the entire cooking surface. The unique flavorizer bars intercept juices and sauces released during cooking and intensify the aroma of your food. The Gourmet BBQ System (GBS) grill multiplies the possibility of cooking.

Optimal operating system:

The smart features of the barbecue will make cooking on the barbecue a real pleasure. Specific control systems limit temperature variations even when the lid is opened, relight the barbecue in the event of accidental flame extinction and prevent fuel clogging by automatically unlocking the power supply.

Easy to clean:

Ashes and grease are channelled into an extrapole drawer for quick and easy cleaning. With the innovative design and exclusive features of Weber SmokeFire this task is incredibly easy.

Easy to maintain:

The SmokeFire allows easy access to the feed chute in case it needs to be replaced, while, in automatic shut-off mode, it performs a self-cleaning cycle of pellets after each barbecue session.

With Weber Connect technology:

The Smart Grilling function integrated with Weber Connect technology offers useful step-by-step support when necessary: barbecue cooking has never been so easy. With Weber Connect technology you will get step-by-step instructions for a meal made to order, connection via WIFI and app, cooking notifications and estimated cooking time. Also, you will have access to recipes, tips and recommendations from Weber.


The WEBER CONNECT controller gives you complete control over how your WEBER SMOKEFIRE barbecue operates. Use the controller to start up your barbecue, select temperature settings, monitor your cook, and more. Explore more options within the main menu of the controller.

Integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth:

Using your smartphone, login to the WEBER CONNECT app to access the latest software and connect to your barbecue. The WEBER CONNECT app tells you when it’s time to flip, rest and serve, all directly from your smartphone. The remote barbecuing access feature allows you the freedom to walk away, monitor the cooking process and even adjust the heat, all from the palm of your hand.

FLAVORIZER BARS and Heat Diffuser:

The FLAVORIZER BARS and heat diffuser deliver direct heat to every inch of the cooking grate so that your entire meal cooks evenly, with no worry of hot or cold spots. While barbecuing at high heat, drippings are also caught and sizzle, creating an amazing boost of flavour.

Ambient and Food Temperature Probes:

In order to remotely monitor your barbecue temperature and internal food temperatures, your SMOKEFIRE barbecue comes with an attached ambient temperature probe and a food temperature probe that will directly connect and interact with the controller (the controller can hold up to 4 separate food temperature probes sold separately).

Large Side Table with Tool Hooks:

Use the side table to keep platters, seasonings, and tools within arm’s reach, or use it as a workspace for preparation. The tool hooks are also a great place to hang your barbecuing tools for when you need them.

Key Features:

- 95-315°C temperature range.

- Black porcelain-enamel finish.

- Designed to distribute even heat across the cooking area.

- Stainless Steel cooking grates Gourmet BBQ System.

- Stainless Steel Flavorizer bars.

- Bottom grate dimensions: 91 x 46 cm.

- Top grate dimensions: 91 x 25 cm.

- Easy-clean ash & grease drawer.

- Large Stainless Steel side table.

- Heavy-duty Steel cart frame.

- Includes one meat probe (four probe capacity).

- 9 kg high capacity hopper.

- Porcelain-enameled lid and cookbox.

- LCD display.

- Weber Connect smart grilling technology.

- Diagnostic alerts via Weber Connect.

- Porcelain-enamel heat distribution plate.

- 4 Heavy-duty locking casters wheels.

- 2 Tool hooks.

- Height: 119 cm. (157 cm. with the lid open)

- Width: 140 cm.

- Depth: 84 cm.

- Weight: 94 kg.

- DC powered engine, specially designed to prevent auger jams.

- Fuel type: Wood Fired Pellet.

- Limited 5 year warranty programme.

- Model: 23511004

- Manufacturer: Weber

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Model 23511004
Colour: Black
EAN code: 077924146688
Stainless Steel Flavorizer® Bars: 5
Open cart design:
Fuel: Pellet
Cooking area: 91 x 45 cm.
Tuck-away warming rack: 91 x 25 cm.
Porcelain-enamelled shroud:
Porcelain-enamelled bowl:
Built-in thermometer:
Enamelled cast iron cooking grates, GBS (Gourmet BBQ System):

Electronic Ignition system:

Grease Management System:

Left side shelf foldable:

Tool holders: 2
Stainless Steel working tables: 1
Large wheels: 2


Assembled dimensions in cm. 119 x 140 x 84
Box dimensions in cm. 89 x 85 x 61
Weight in Kg.



Warranty (years):
Roast components and all components not reflected below: 5
Electric components: 3
Cooking Grates, Pellet Duct, Ash Container, Heat Deflector, Pellet Grate, and Controller Trim: 3

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