Bull Brahma Built-In Natural Gas

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Bull Brahma Built-In Natural Gas.

Bull was founded in United States and later extended into Europe, Africa, United Kingdom and Middle-East, has a very large luxury barbecues and outdoor kitchens catalogue, providing from the stone of the kitchen and the counter top itself, to the top barbecues, including all the built in storage, independent burners and any tool or accessory we may need to cook and serve any kind of food to the most demanding guests.

Bull has many years of experience so each barbecue is considered as the maximum gamma in quality matters, as each one is made and assembled by hand with 2 mm. thick Stainless Steel grade 304, and their solid Stainless Steel burners make them the strongest barbecues in the whole market. Thanks to these details we can give to the barbecue a professional use (hours and hours of work without interruption) and of course for private use too. A Bull barbecue is a barbecue for the entire life!

We can fearless say that the Bull Barbecues are the best in the world, the probe of it is that they are the official sponsor of the biggest worldwide barbecues competition, borrowing their barbecues to the competitors.

14 Gauge 304 Stainless Steel: This Bull barbecue is constructed from durable 14 gauge 304 Stainless Steel which is one of the highest grades of Stainless Steel and one of the thickest used in the barbecue industry. Using this high quality material makes the grill both sturdy and highly resistant to rust and corrosion. Includes a full size removable grease tray for easy cleaning.

Dual Lined, Single Piece Hood: The hood on the Bull barbecue is a dual lined single piece construction that eliminates weld spots which could potentially cause rust, helps insulate the BBQ to keep the heat tapped in, and keeps the grill looking great by protecting it against heat discoloration which is achieved by keeping the external surface away from exposure to direct heat ensures the BBQ will stay beautiful for years.

Solid Stainless Steel Grates: The Bull cooking grates are solid 304 Stainless Steel all the way through. Solid 304 Stainless Steel construction, as opposed to hollow, transfers heat better for more consistent cooking and will last a lifetime and are guaranteed for life.

Piezo Igniters On Every Burner: Piezo Igniters are simple, independent ignition systems that are designed with the least amount of wiring to directly ignite each burner. Each Piezo Igniter is protected by a Stainless Steel housing so food drippings do not interfere with the spark igniting the gas from the burner.

ReliaBULL Technology: With the ReliaBULL technology, you will never have to worry about only grilling half of your hamburgers or steaks at once, you can grill as many as will fit on the surface and they’ll all be cooked evenly to your liking. he ReliaBULL flame tamers create a more even grilling surface, eliminating hot and cold spots, so that you can use your entire grilling surface.

To resume: buy a Bull barbecue and it will be the last barbecue you will purchase, as each barbecue is limited lifetime guaranteed!

The Bull Brahma Gas Built-In Barbecue is very large with almost one meter of wide cooking surface. It has a Stainless Steel electric rotisserie motor, together with the infrared back burner. The construction of the barbecue is 2 mm. Stainless Steel 304 gauge.

Key Features:

- 304 Grade Stainless Steel 2 mm. construction.

- 5 welded Stainless Steel burners.

- 1 Infrared back burner.

- Heating power: 26,40 kW/h.

- Electric Stainless Steel Rotisserie Motor.

- Cooking surface dimension: 97 x 49 cm.

- Cooking rack dimension: 97 x 18 cm.

- Solid Stainless Steel grates.

- Solid Stainless Steel warming rack.

- Stainless Steel rotisserie motor.

- Twin Lighting System.

- Dual Lined Roll Top Hood.

- Heavy Duty thermometer on lid.

- Piezo igniter.

- Zinc knobs.

- Stainless Steel grease tray.

- Stainless Steel Built In Trim Kit.

- Use: Commercial/Residential.

- Width: 101 cm.

- Height: 53,9 cm. (with closed lid)

- Depth: 61,4 cm.

- Fuel: Natural Gas.

- Manufacturer: Bull


- Fire box and roasting hood: Lifetime warranty.

- Cooking grates: Lifetime warranty.

- Burners: Lifetime warranty.

- Flame tamers: 5 years warranty.

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