Looftlighter X Rapid Fire Charcoal Starter

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Looftlighter X Rapid Fire Charcoal Starter.

The Looftlighter X offers the quickest, safest and cleanest way to light your barbecue or fireplace. It starts your fire in 60 seconds with superheated air and with battery power only. No matter whether it is charcoal, briquettes or logs, it will fire it up. No gas, no flame and no need for lighter fluids.

The all-electric Looftlighter X gives you the freedom of being wireless. Use it in the backyard, on your balcony, tailgating, outdoors and indoors. Your imagination is the only thing stopping you.


Without power wire, it is battery powered.


Looftlighter X is seriously fast. It hits temperatures of 1200°F / 650°C and gets your charcoal glowing in 60 seconds.


No gas, no flame and no lighter fluids means that you rule the fire with nothing more than super-heated air. And the safety casing cools down in a few seconds after use.


Charcoal grill, pizza oven, fireplace logs, and briquettes. Looft Lighter X gets that perfect glow smoldering in no time.

Ecological & Clean:

With the Looftlighter X there’s no CO2 emissions and no toxic chemicals. Lighter fluid is a distant smelly memory. Looftlighter X only produces hot air.

LooftLighter X technology:

Power Button: activate Looftlighter X by pressing the Power Button for 2 seconds. The device is now activated and ready to use. For safety reasons it will stay activated for 10 seconds and automatically deactivate if no action is taken during this time.

Burn Button: initiates the Automatic Ignition Program, designed to optimize igniting and preserving battery power by balancing the two most important elements of igniting: Heat and Oxygen. The heating element is here at its max level with the fan gradually increasing.

Boost Button: once ignited, the key element needed to boost the fire is oxygen. The Boost Button will set the fan at its full speed and shut down the heating element, giving you a powerful airflow to get the fire boosted while preserving the power of your battery. You can switch between Burn and Boost button at any time.

How to start your barbecue with Looftlighter X:

1. Light It Up: Set up a pile of fuel you like, charcoal, woodchips or logs.

2. Touch them with the tip of the Looft Lighter and press the button.

3. Hit The Spot: keep your Looft Lighter aimed towards the same spot for around 60 seconds.

4. Pull Back A Bit: when sparks or a glow appears, pull back the Looft Lighter a few inches.

5. Giving it space will help the heat to spread out and do its magic.

 How to start your fireplace with the Looftlighter X: 

1. Get started: start by blowing hot air up the chimney for around 30 seconds to get the draught going and reduce the amount of smoke released in your room.

2. Light It Up: place some paper in between the logs, touch the paper with the tip of the Looft Lighter and turn it on.

3. Pull Back A Bit: once ignited, move it back a bit and keep aiming at the same spot for 60 seconds or until you have a good fire going.

The Looftlighter X burns charcoal and wood very quickly, so it is important that you move it a few inches away when the first sparks or flames appear. Otherwise you would melt the aluminum tube, and this is not covered by the warranty.

Key Features:

- Wireless.

- 1 charge lights 10 times.

- Automatic Ignition Program .

- Product finish: Black plastic with black aluminum.

- Max temp: 1200°F / 650°C.

- Power: 36V Li-Ion Battery / 2000 mAh / 72 Wh.

- 2 hour charge time.

- Charger features 4.2 ft. / 130 cm retractable cord.

- Detachable heat shield.

- Height: 17” / 43 cm.

- Width: 4” / 10 cm.

- Depth: 4” / 10 cm.

- Weight: 1,3 kg (battery included).

youtube-logo.jpg For more information about the Looftlighter X Rapid Fire Charcoal Starter watch this video

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