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OFYR firewood barbecue with Trailer.

OFYR Trailer is the perfect kitchen for events and parties! If you want to be flexible when cooking and create an experience in the form of live cooking, this barbecue on wheels is undoubtedly the center of attention that every professional chef or catering service wants! The OFYR trailer is based on the OFYR XL, with which you can effortlessly prepare dishes for 150 guests.

OFYR Pro special collection for the hotel industry:

OFYR has developed a PRO collection especially for the hotel industry, of which this OFYR Trailer is also part. This collection adheres to the robust and minimalist design characteristic of the regular collection, but is also equipped with practical functions to serve larger groups of people and create an optimal experience. This makes the OFYR trailer the perfect complement for events and parties.

The OFYR Trailer is a complete outdoor kitchen:

The OFYR Trailer is a compact trailer equipped with an OFYR XL, practical work surfaces and storage space for firewood. It has a cooking surface of 150 cm so that it can be used without problems by two chefs.

Wooden countertops are made of rubber wood and are removable. There is storage space for firewood (± 0.5 m³) at the front and back of the OFYR Trailer so you can easily take it to any event. In addition, you have the wood at hand during cooking. In terms of functionality, the trailer is, therefore, a complete outdoor kitchen with the exclusive OFYR design.

Made of Corten Steel:

The OFYR Trailer is made of Corten Steel, therefore, it forms a wonderful combination with all OFYR accessories. The characteristic of Corten Steel is, on the one hand, the brown-orange oxide color and, on the other hand, the long service life. The service life is so long because the first corrosion layer prevents a greater attack of corrosion, which means that the paint has become superfluous and, therefore, maintenance is very low. The longer the Trailer is used, more beautiful it becomes. Over time, steel acquires a beautiful layer of natural patina.

The OFYR Trailer with a towing device, of course, is fully tested and certified by the EU. Simply link the trailer to any vehicle and do not need more than a driving license B. For the stability required on the site, the OFYR Trailer is equipped with folding legs.

Key Features:

- OFYR mobile outdoor kitchen.

- The perfect kitchen unit for events.

- Cook easily for a group of up to 150 people.

- OFYR Detachable trailer with towing device.

- In the front and rear with a practical storage of firewood (± 0.5 m³ of firewood).

- Equipped with wooden countertops (rubber wood).

- Made of sustainable Corten Steel.

- Equipped with folding legs.

- Fully tested and certified by the EU.


- Iron dimensions: Ø 150 cm.

- Trailer base: 150 x 150 cm.

- Trailer height: 109 cm.

- Board: 4 pieces of 75 x 75 x 3 cm with a rounded side.

- Weight: 470 kg.

- Storage: ± 0.5 m3 of wood.

- Manufacturer: Ofyr

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