iKamand Classic Joe

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iKamand Classic Joe.

Simply turn on your Kamado, and the iKamand will bring you to the desired temperature in just a few minutes, while industry-leading technology allows you to set, monitor and adjust your cooking temperature from anywhere using the iKamand mobile application.

Get precise and effortless temperature control, perfect results and a better roasting experience every time.

Key Features:

Just open the box, download the application, follow the quick settings and you are ready to cook. 1 grill probe, 1 meat probe and rugged case included!

- Easily connect your device to Wi-Fi.

- Share your cooking on social networks with the touch of a button inside the application so that family and friends can follow it.

- Enjoy access to videos, tutorials and publications, created to inspire you to try new things to barbecue and learn new techniques.

Built for Performance.

The design and the high-quality components guarantee worry-free use.

- Solid stainless steel in all metal components.

- Accepts up to 4 probes (1 grill probe, 3 meat probes).

- Faster start times with silent operation.

- Low carbon content alerts, open lid and more.

The application.

This application is another of the advantages of iKamand compared to the standard barbecue controllers and you will have the following options:

- Display of the temperature of the barbecue and the temperature of the meat.

- WiFi connection

- Warning via text message to keep you informed during your BBQ Low & Slow sessions

- A suggested barbecue recipe every day.

- Connection with the various social networks of Kamado Joe.

- Indication of the time needed to cook different types of meat.

- These cooking times are continuously updated on the basis of data collected worldwide through all users of iKamand

- The possibility of sharing your cooking sessions easily through social networks.

- Software updates through the application

- Manufacturer: Kamado Joe

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