Teide 600 E gas plancha

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Teide 600 E gas plancha

Plancha stands for creative outdoor cooking on an enamelled cast-iron baking plate over gas burners. The tradition, which originated in the Basque Country, is extremely popular in southern Europe and is now conquering the rest of the world.

Made for your comfort:

The Forge Adour Teide gas planchas series are designed with your comfort in mind. The baking plates have upright edges to make cooking with moisture even easier and also is perfect as a wind shield.

Great quality and performance:

The Forge Adour Teide gas planchas are made of great quality and performance. The chassis is totally made of enameled steel and the baking plate of enamelled cast-iron with adjustable inclination. The Teide planchas are equipped with high performance stainless steel burners.

Easy to light:

The Teide gas planchas are equipped with an integrated piezo electric ignition system “Press & Burn”. It allows you to start your plancha with a simple push off button. Moreover, each burner has its own igniter. This allows you to light the burners separately and to divide the cooking surface into distinct sections.

Key features:

- Enameled steel chassis.

- 2 Stainless steel burners 6000 w.

- Baking surface: 63 x 42 cm.

- Piezo electric ignition.

- Safety thermocouple on each burner.

- Enamelled cast-iron baking plate with adjustable inclination.

- Enameled steel fat drip tray.

- Upright edges.

- Number of persons: 8-10.

- Fuel: Butane or Propane gas. Also available in natural gas under request without extra cost.


- Height: 21 cm.

- Width: 68 cm.

- Depth: 49 cm.

- Weight: 21 Kg.

- Warranty: 5 years.

- Manufacturer: Forge Adour

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