Tundra 35 Cool Box Tan

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Tundra 35 Cool Box Tan by Yeti.

In 2006, brothers Roy and Ryan Seiders, founders of YETI, set out to build a fridge without compromise. They were tired of handles and latches breaking and lids coming off year after year. They were tired of buying fridges that wouldn't last even one season. So they decided to find a solution. The goal was to design a cooler that could keep ice for longer, but also withstand extreme and uncompromising use. These two premises, functionality and performance, led to a design that turned out to be unique.

This is how the first Tundra was born. A cooler made especially for outdoor enthusiasts. A cooler that you could drop from your vehicle or drag through the bush, but which would also perform in any weather and of course, over time, would still work as well as it did on the first day. The Tundra was indestructible and designed to be irreplaceable.

"Wildly stronger, keep ice longer

Since 2006, every product we've created has been built on the same mantra. Highly durable and with the best performance, so you can stay in the wilderness longer, travel further and experience more extreme situations. No matter where you go, there's a YETI ready to take on your next adventure.

La Yeti Tundra resuelve todos los problemas que existen en las neveras convencionales. Las bisagras nunca fallan, los cierres nunca se rompen y la caja es indestructible. Portátil y fácil de transportar completamente cargada. Gran compañera de asiento trasero en tu coche o furgo. También podrás utilizarla en kayaks grandes.

Main Features:

- High quality gasket allows complete sealing of the box.

- Extra thick walls hold up to two inches of insulation for unmatched temperature retention.

- PermaFrost Insulation: This is a foam injected between the walls of the box that ensures ice stays frozen for days.

- Bear-Resistant Certificate: This box is bear-proof, a grizzly bear cannot open the box.

- Non-slip base that does not leave marks on the floor.

- NeverFail hinge system. Two pins and an interlocking design prevent the hinge from breaking.

- Colour: tan.

- Height: 39,1 cm. x Width: 53,6 cm. x Depth: 40,2 cm.

- Capacity: 25,3 Litres.

- Weight: 9 kg.

- Manufacturer: Yeti

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