Broil King Vertical Charcoal Smoker

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Broil King Vertical Charcoal Smoker.

The Broil King Vertical Charcoal Smoker is designed to create mouth-watering, authentic smoke flavoured foods. Every detail of this smoker has been precisely engineered; this attention to detail is evident throughout the vertical charcoal smoker. From durable construction and stylish accents to exceptional cooking versatility, Broil King brings it altogether. Great food, great flavour, great barbecues every time.

This Broil King Vertical Charcoal Smoker is equipped with Roto-Draft dampers to give you precise temperature control. It also features a two-door design, ensuring that you maintain a constant cook temperature even when you open the cook box door to add more charcoal or wood chips. The two layer cabinet design insulates the cook box from even the harshest conditions, providing consistent results every time.

Key Features:

- 4,970 square cm. of total cooking area.

- 4 Adjustable 5 mm. Stainless Steel cooking grids: The rails for holding the cooking grids and trays are fully adjustable, allowing for most efficient use of your cabinet smoker.

- Stainless Steel smoking hooks: Leave the upper rack in place, and use the 16 hooks provided to hang sausage, chicken pieces, whole fish, and other items.

- 4 Sturdy tool hooks.

- Adjustable rib and roast rack: The smoker includes a rib / roast rack that can be used in place of the Stainless Steel cooking grids. Maximize the space in your smoker by keeping ribs upright.

- Water pan: The vertical charcoal smoker is equipped with a water pan to keep food from drying out. Use water, juice, and other herbs and spices to create another layer of flavor as you use your smoker.

- Secondary door provides easy access to smoker box and water tray while minimizing heat loss in the main chamber.

- Top and bottom Roto-Draft dampers: The Smoker allows you to control cooking temperature by regulating airflow through the intake dampers and exhaust damper. The more you open the dampers, the more air will flow through to the charcoal. The more air, the hotter the temperature. Small adjustments to the dampers will make significant changes to the cooking temperature.

- Built-in thermometer lets you know when your food has reached optimum temperature.

- Stainless Steel fold down drip tray catches drips when loading and unloading smoked food.

- 2 Rugged steel doors with adjustable latch system and fibre glass gaskets ensure a tight seal.

- 3 Heavy-duty door handles.

- Convenient bottle opener.

- Double-walled cookbox construction for maximum heat and smoke retention.

- Premium epoxy high-heat paint.

- Two front levelling feet with two rear easy-move wheels.

- Width: 72 x Depth: 64,8 x Height: 123 cm.

- Weight: 32 kg.

- Fuel: Charcoal, Briquettes, wood, etc.

- Made in Canada.

- Model: 923610

- Manufacturer: Broil King


Broil King has great confidence on their smokers and barbecues and offer excellent guarantee provisions.

Specific characteristics of the guarantee provisions for this Smoker:

- 5 Years on the cookbox.

- 2 Years on all remaining parts and paint.

Smoking Tips:

Add wood chips after charcoal is lit, but before adding meat to the smoker. Smoke flavour accumulates best on cool items that have moisture on the outside. Once the exterior of the item dries out, it will no longer take on smoke flavour.

For best results, try to maintain a temperature of 90 °C to 150 °C for most smoked meats. Always cook to the specified internal temperature for a given meat. That is the only way to ensure food safety.

Smoking techniques:

Smoking - Less than 135 °C:

This classic form of barbecue involves indirect cooking of larger cuts of meat at low temperatures (less than 135 °C) for a relatively long time (often 4+ hours). Using charcoal and wood chips infuses slow cooked meats and other items with smoky barbecue flavour and yields incredibly tender results.

Smoke roasting – 135 °C – 200 °C:

Also known as indirect grilling, this is similar setup to smoking; smoke roasting is an accelerated version of the same principles. It works well for more conventional roasts, chickens and items that are frequently oven roasted. The combination of smoke and cooking time creates great flavour in a shorter time than true smoking.

Shutting down:

When you’re ready to shut down the Broil King Vertical Charcoal Smoker, close the dampers to snuff the fire out completely.

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