Master-Touch 67 cm E-6755 Black Weber Crafted

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Master-Touch 67 cm E-6755 Black Weber Crafted Charcoal BBQ.

Leave your usual barbecue routine behind with the 67cm Master-Touch charcoal barbecue, equipped with a Weber Crafted cooking grate, which allows you to turn your barbecue into a griddle, pizza oven and more.

Simply remove the centre of the cooking grate, attach a custom Weber Crafted barbecue accessory (sold separately) and experience Weber excellence by preparing pizzas, pancakes, smash burgers, perfectly seared meats, baked desserts and other delicious creations.

This barbecue is also ideal for smoking ribs, briskets, any meat and much more by simply selecting the smoke setting on the bottom vents, which control the airflow to the flames for even low'n'slow cooking.

The design of this charcoal barbecue is the result of clever thinking. Weber develops its barbecues so that the user never has to worry about flare-ups, hot and cold areas and burnt food. Relax and enjoy excellent performance, superb control functions and outstanding results, without exception.

Cover and lid:

All Weber charcoal barbecues are manufactured from a steel tub and lid with a fired porcelain enamel coating. This is important because it means that they will not flake or flake off. The reflective surface promotes convection cooking, which occurs when heat radiates around the food (much like a domestic oven), and ensures even cooking.

Regulator and ventilation openings:

Air plays an important role in charcoal barbecue cooking. The more air enters the barbecue, the higher the internal temperature rises (up to the maximum limit, determined by the fuel). During cooking, the internal temperature of the barbecue can be easily controlled by adjusting the regulators on the lid and the tank. To keep the internal temperature of the barbecue high when cooking by the direct method, make sure that the vents in the tank and lid are fully open. If you wish to cook using the indirect method at a low temperature, it is recommended that you close the lid and pan dampers halfway, but no further. When the regulators are completely closed, the oxygen supply is cut off and the charcoal is eventually extinguished.

Cooking grate:

Made of heavy-duty galvanised steel, the cooking grate gives you plenty of space to cook your favourite dishes.

Charcoal grate:

The charcoal grate is designed to withstand the heat generated by burning charcoal. Made of heavy-duty steel, this sturdy grate will not sag or deteriorate from burning. It also provides enough space for both direct and indirect cooking, giving you the flexibility to cook what you want, how you want.

One-Touch cleaning system:

The One-Touch cleaning system makes cleaning a simple process. By simply moving the handle backwards and forwards, the three blades of the bowl transfer the ash from the bottom of the barbecue to the ashtray. The same orifices act as bowl regulators, bringing oxygen to the fire to fuel it and making it easier to extinguish.

Key Features:

- Lid and tank in vitrified steel.

- Thermometer integrated in the lid to control the temperature during cooking.

- Tuck-Away Lid Support: This support allows you to easily move the lid to the side to check the cooking or add charcoal.

- Gourmet BBQ System: The cooking grill is made of chrome-plated steel with a diameter of ø 67 cm and is provided with a removable central area. This feature is designed to facilitate the installation of GBS (Gourmet BBQ System) cooking accessories, such as a marking grill, chicken roasting rack, pizza stone, etc. (all sold separately). Each option gives you endless opportunities to try new recipes.

- Weber Crafted Grill included: Another range of cooking possibilities, which, coupled with the GBS system, makes your barbecue the perfect cooking machine.

- The cooking grill is hinged, with sides that lift up for easy charcoal replenishment.

- The curved handles of the cooking grill allow it to be hung on the side of the tank.

- 1 aluminium vent valve in the lid with protective cover so that we can handle it without burning our hand.

- 2 weatherproof wheels made of hardened thermoplastic.

- High feet for comfortable working height.

- 2 weather-resistant handles, side handle on the bowl with utensil hooks.

- One-Touch cleaning system for easy emptying of ashes and temperature regulation.

- Charcoal grate made of high-strength steel.

- Smoking position: The new shape of the vents in the bowl ensures the perfect airflow for smoking and low temperature cooking.

- The high-capacity, perfectly insulated ashtray prevents ashes from flying and can be easily removed for quick and clean disposal.

- Measuring bowl for charcoal or briquettes.

- 2 baskets for charcoal or briquettes.

- Measurements: 124 x 81,5 x 84 cm (H) x (W) x (D)

- Weight: 68 kg.

- Made in U.S.A.

- 10 year limited warranty

- Manufacturer: Weber

- Model: 1500230

youtube-logo.jpg Watch video of direct and indirect cooking

youtube-logo.jpg For more information watch this video


Model: 1500230
Colour: Negro
Product EAN: 077924992919
Fuel: Carbón
Cooking surface (cm): ø 67
Lid and bowl of vitrified steel:

Thermometer integrated in the lid:

Gourmet System steel cooking grill:

Charcoal grill:

Pre-assembled One-Touch® stainless steel cleaning system:

Stainless aluminium vent valve:

Aluminium ash catcher:

2 Baskets for charcoal and briquettes:

Lid handle: 1
Handle bowl: 1
Measuring cup:
Wheels: 2
Support for the lid:
Removable centre section for use with Gourmet System accessories:
Weber Crafted Grill:
Smoke adjustment on the One-Touch system valve:


Warranty (years):
Cover and bowl warranty: 10
One-Touch® Cleaning System: 5
Plastic components: 5
Remaining parts: 2


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