Outback Cover 2 Burner Flatbead

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Outback Cover 2 Burner Flatbead.

Manufactured from a highly durable material, this Outback branded cover has been designed to keep your barbecue clean and free from grime so that it's already ready for use.

Designed to fit the Classic Two Burner Flatbed and Spectrum Two Burner Flatbed barbecues, the cover will help to keep your barbecue looking like the day it was bought.

This genuine Outback cover finished in black also fits Classic 3 Burner Flatbed and Spectrum 3 burner flatbed barbecues. Take delight in this Outback branded barbecue cover designed to envelope three burner flatbed barbecues, this durable UV proof and hard-wearing cover will protect your equipment during bad weather. Features included stitched tape seams and Velcro fixing straps for added securing.

Boasting the Outback logo, this barbecue cover is an accessory not to miss. Keeping your equipment shy from dirt and grime will not only keep your equipment clean, but will also help prevent germs and infections from getting onto the grill.

- Mainly protects against dust and dirt.

- Cover is top vented to allow for evaporation & circulation.

- Width: 126 cm. x Height: 77 cm. x Depth: 62 cm.

- Manufacturer: Outback

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