Weber Genesis II LX E-640 GBS Black

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Weber Genesis II LX E-640 GBS Black gas barbecue.

Weber Genesis II, the revolution continues:

We are tremendously proud to introduce you to the greatest innovation in Weber gas barbecues in 30 years: the new, improved and inspiring Genesis II series. Designed to fit any lifestyle, to bring friends and family together. Welcoming this kind of cooking to new consumers and offering even more outstanding experiences.

Let's toast to the moments we spend together, with our friends, with our family. Let's enjoy sharing with our neighbours. That's exactly the spirit of the Genesis series! When the first Genesis series came to light in 1985, it completely redefined the market, changing the world of gas barbecues forever. Now is the time to repeat it. Based on the studies and analysis conducted among barbecue enthusiasts, we are preparing to take a step further with the Weber Genesis II barbecues that are presented in four platforms: the Genesis II series, Genesis II EP, Genesis II SP and the Genesis II LX series. With a great selection of models, this is not a simple improvement of our flagship gas barbecue: it's a revolution!

Incorporates Weber's new GS4 Grilling System:

The GS4 High Performance Grilling System sets a new standard in the world of backyard cuisine, and lands the Weber Genesis II and Genesis II LX series of gas barbecues in a class of their own. This innovative grilling system is based on over 30 years of grilling experience, culinary expertise, and most importantly, avidly considering the wants and needs of the people who matter most , the grilling community.

Each component of GS4 was uniquely designed for ease-of-use and to provide an unequalled satisfaction to your backyard grilling experience. Promising burners that are ensured to ignite every time, smoke infused food that grills evenly and consistently regardless of where it’s placed on the cooking grate, and hassle free clean up, so that you are able to focus on what it’s is all about, bringing people together around the barbecue.

The GS4 grilling system is composed of four key components: The E2i Electronic Ignition, High Performance Burners, Classic Weber Flavorizer Bars, and The Second-to-None Grease Management System. These components ensure that every aspect of your grilling experience is easy and reliable; from the moment the burners are lit to the general maintenance of your BBQ. And together, create the strongest grilling engine within every Genesis II barbecue.

The E2i Electronic Ignition:

The E2i™ Electronic Ignition is ensured to ignite every time. Backed by a generous warranty, rest assured that you’ll be up-and-grilling the first time, every time.

High Performance Burners with a brand new design:

Unique, tapered shape delivers a consistent gas flow from front to back, providing ultimate heat distribution to the cooking grates. Food grills evenly and consistently anywhere on the grate.

Flavorizer Bars:

The classic Weber Flavorizer bars are angled just right to catch drippings that smoke and sizzle, adding that irresistible smoky flavor that we all know and love to your food. Any drippings not vaporised follow the slope and are funnelled away from the burners, down into the grease management system.

Grease Management System:

The grease management system helps with the removal of juices effortlessly while reducing the risk of flare-ups. Drippings that are not vaporised by the Flavorizer bars are funnelled away from the burners into an easily accessible catch pan located under the cook box. Simply empty the catch pan after each use.

High+ Setting:

All burners can be turned up to the highest setting for an added boost of heat anywhere on the cooking grate. The High+ setting provides higher grilling temperatures and quicker preheat times.

Handle light:

See your food in the same light, whether grilling under the bright sun or dusk moon. The powerful LED illuminates the entire cooking area of the grill so that you see the true colour of your food. To save energy, the light will automatically turn off when the lid is closed.

Gourmet BBQ System Cooking Grate:

Remove the circular grate insert and transform your BBQ into a griddle, poultry roaster, pizza stone or any other of the many Gourmet BBQ System options to choose from.

Side burner:

Use the side burner to simmer your specially crafted BBQ sauce or boil potatoes while the main course grills under the lid.

Illuminated control knobs:

With a push of a button, the control knobs light up to offer optimal control while night-time grilling. Whether throwing a dinner party, or a daytime BBQ, you’ll never have to sacrifice convenience or usability due to the time of day.

Tuck-Away Warming Rack:

The Tuck-Away warming rack keeps food warm, as the main meal cooks below. The unique Tuck-Away feature allows you to fold it down when not in use, providing optimal grilling space and convenient in-the-grill storage.

iGrill 3 Ready:

The newest grilling essential, the iGrill 3 digital Bluetooth thermometer monitors your food from beginning to end, displaying the real-time temperature on your mobile device. Once you’ve downloaded the Weber iGrill app, connect the iGrill to Bluetooth, and run up to four thermometer probes from your grill to the food. (Igrill 3 sold separately.)

Easy gas tank access:

Mounting the gas tank to the outside of the grill makes the tank easy to access and remove, while also increasing storage space within the cabinet.

Grill cabinet:

The grill cabinet provides extra storage space for grilling tools, serving platters, or spices. Everything you need at your fingertips, when you need it.

With the Weber Genesis II LX E-640 GBS Black, Invite everyone you know. Tell them to bring a friend. And watch what happens once all six burners ignite. With the GS4 High Performance Grilling System you can sear a steak for everyone, knowing that each will turn out as flawless as the next.

Key Features:

- 6 High Performance Stainless Steel front burners.

- 72,000 BTU per-hour input (21.10 kW/h).

- Side burner with protective lid – 12,000 BTU (3.51 kW/h).

- Incorporates new GS4 Grilling System.

- Electronic E2i ignition system.

- Porcelain-enamelled cast iron Gourmet BBQ System cooking grate that fits all inserts.

- Stainless Steel Flavorizer Bars.

- Grease Management System.

- High+ setting.

- Porcelain-enamelled shroud with integrated thermometer and cast aluminium end caps.

- Handle light.

- Primary cooking area: 102 x 48 cm.

- Tuck-away warming rack: 96 x 13 cm.

- iGrill 3 compatible.

- Painted Steel frame.

- 2 Stainless Steel work surfaces.

- Left side shelf foldable.

- Tool holders.

- Easy access to gas tank.

- 2 Heavy-duty locking casters and two 2 large wheels.

- Height: 121 cm.

- Width: 182 cm.

- Depth: 73 cm.

- Weight: 125 kg.

- Gas regulator and hose included.

- Fuel: Butane and propane gas.

- Made in U.S.A.

- Limited 10 year warranty programme.

- Manufacturer: Weber

- Model: 63014149

youtube-logo.jpg For more information watch this video

youtube-logo.jpg For more information about the Weber GS4 grilling system watch this video



Model: 63014149
Colour: Black
EAN code: 077924046636
GS4 Grilling System:
Stainless Steel Burners: 6
Integrated side burner:
Main burners power: 21,10 kW/h
Side burner power: 3,51 kW/h
Stainless Steel flavorizer® bars: 11
Enclosed cart with 2 doors:
Fuel: Butane & Propane gas
Cooking area: 102 x 48 cm.
Tuck-away warming rack: 96 x 13 cm.
Handle light:
High+ setting:
Porcelain-enamelled shroud:
Porcelain-enamelled bowl:
Welded tube frame:
Stainless Steel control panel:
Built-in thermometer:
Enamelled cast iron cooking grates, GBS (Gourmet BBQ System):

Electronic Ignition system:

Grease management system:

Large storage space inside the cart:

Igrill 3 ready:
Easy access gas tank storage:
Gas regulator and hose included:
Tool holders:
Stainless Steel working tables: 2
Lockable castors: 2
Large wheels: 2


Assembled dimensions in cm. 121 x 182 x 73
Box dimensions in cm. 114 x 84 x 132
Weight in Kg. 129


Warranty (years):
Lid and cast aluminium components: 10
Stainless Steel burners: 10
Cooking grates and Flavorizer® bars: 10
All other parts including cart, spark ignition: 10

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