Chili Chimichurri BBQ Sauce

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Chili Chimichurri BBQ Sauce.

Our traditional recipe has been passed down through many generations of Gauchos from the wild pampas of Argentina.

Chimichurri is typically used to accompany grilled meats (or as a marinade) but is so versatile you can use it on pizza, scrambled eggs, drizzled on roast potatoes and even in salad dressings. A rich rustic flavour with a zing.

This best seller brings to your plate piquant pleasures, along with awesome aromas of parsley and oregano.

Its characteristic flavor will delight spicy food lovers.


Water 54.12%, alcohol vinegar 32.50%, garlic powder, ground chili pepper, salt, parsley leaves, oregano leaves, extra ground paprika, ground black pepper, ESP (xanthic gum) thickener E-415, EXA (glutamate monosodium), flavor enhancer E-621, aroma ARO (pepper essence), CONS (potassium sorbate) preservative E-202.

Nutrition facts (for 100 g)

Energy 20 Kcal, total fat 1 g (whose saturated fat 0 g), carbohydrate 3 g (whose sugar content 0 g), fiber 2 g, protein 1 g, salt 1.94 g.


Conservative in a cool, dry place, and protected from the sun. Once opened, keep cold and consume within 30 days.

- Size: 270 ml.

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