Fornetto Wood Fired Oven and Smoker

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Fornetto Wood Fired Oven and Smoker.

With its simple, traditional appearance, coupled with modern ingenuity, dual functionality and outstanding performance, the Fornetto oven is the ultimate social cooking experience.

The unit comes fully loaded with pizza stone, stainless steel baking racks, fire bricks, shelving and tool caddy and is completed with its heavy duty oven cover for four season use. It’s spacious oven chamber with a capacity of 62 litres is manufactured with an exterior powder coated 304 Stainless Steel.

The interior is constructed of insulated stainless steel while the beautiful and functional doors are cast iron with porcelain gloss enamel in Empire Red. The doors include a large tempered glass viewing area thus allowing food to be monitored while maintaining appropriate temperatures inside the oven.

The top panel, chimney and wire shelf and basket are made of stainless steel while the support frame is made of industrial grade powder coated steel.

The Fornetto oven chamber is heated by natural wood or charcoal placed in the combustion chamber and the temperature is controlled by the ventilation control valves that allow fine regulation of heat in the oven chamber. The oven acts as a convection oven or smoker and includes ceramic fire bricks that lay on the bottom of the oven chamber. These provide for maximum heat retention. The oven chamber can register up to 375 degrees Centigrades in the oven chamber as indicated by the in-door temperature gauge.

Complete Versatility and Function:

While the unit can serve strictly as an oven for pizzas, baked goods, bread, leg in lambs, ribs, chicken and more, the unit serves also as a smoker. The fuel options are all natural and can include wood, 100 percent natural lump charcoal and other natural sources.

The unit smokes by adjusting the inlet valves on the upper oven chamber to open up air vents allowing smoke from the fuel chamber to enter into the upper oven. Further adjustment of the Fornetto chimney can also be regulated to allow more smoke to enter into the oven chamber. Add flavor to your foods by utilizing the removable smoker chip box which is positioned in the heat chamber.

The Fornetto is also easily moved to any area for outdoor entertaining with its discrete trolley handles and durable wheels that allow for easy mobility.

Getting Started:


Before lighting for first use you will need to clean the inside of the oven first to remove the special coatings applied during the manufacturing process as well as any residue or moisture build up in the insulation that may occur during transportation.

Remove the trays and baking stones from the bottom of the oven. Clean the interior with a mild soapy detergent and warm water. Wipe off any excess fluid. Wipe out interior using a dry cloth. Place baking stones back into the bottom of the oven.

Type of fuel:


Each oven is designed to use any approved combustible fuel including wood, charcoal, briquettes and fire lighters. Paper and cardboard can be used to help get your fire started.

Packaging materials such as polystyrene, plastics or wood that has been chemically treated should NOT be used in this appliance under any circumstances.

Each oven features fully insulated walls providing a safe and convenient cooking environment. The insulated oven is also ideal for providing warmth as an outdoor heater on those cooler evenings - when you'd rather be outside.

Using the Smoker:


With its unique Smoker Slide, you can turn your oven quickly and easily into a smoker oven. Set the ventilation control on the chimney flue to "Smoke" - this closes the damper inside the flue and allows smoke to remain within the wall cavity. Opening or closing the Smoker Slide, you control how much smoke enters the oven chamber and flavours your food. 
For even greater impact, place a small amount of flavoured wood smoking chips into the detachable smoker box. Smoking Chips let the subtle aromas enhance the flavours of your food. You can transform even the simplest dishes into something unforgettable.

Easy to use, simply soak the chips in water for about 15 minutes to bring out the full flavour. Place in the detachable smoker box and attach to the inside of your Fornetto Wood Fired Oven & Smoker. After that, pour yourself a glass of wine and let the smoking chips do all of the work.



The ventilation control handle (damper) allows you to control how quickly the fire burns in the combustion chamber and draws the smoke through the oven chambers.



The ventilation dials on the front of the combustion chamber work in conjunction with the flue damper by allowing air to be drawn into the combustion chamber and through the oven, thereby controlling the flame and raising or lowering the oven temperature.



The large cooking window and thermometer allow you to observe your food while it cooks without opening the door and letting out all the heat and flavour.

The thermometer is calibrated to Celcius and Farenheit and lets you closely monitor the temperature inside the oven chambers.

Cleaning & Maintenance:


To clean the pizza stone in your oven, we recommend using a cleaning brush with scraper. Firstly use the blade edge to scrape away any food debris or spills on the stone's surface then turn the brush over and move backwards and forwards across the stone. This will remove any additional debris. Wipe the stone down with a damp cloth.

NOTE: Oil and fats may absorb into the ceramic stone during the cooking process - this is perfectly normal. Oily residues will be burnt away when the oven is next used. To clean residue on the wire shelves and racks, scrape down a cleaning brush and use a damp cloth to wipe away any residue. The wire racks can also be removed and cleaned in hot soapy water using a kitchen scourer, if necessary. To clean the oven interior (remove the baking stone and bricks), use hot soapy water and a non-scratch scourer to clean any residue from the oven walls. You can also use a non-corrosive oven cleaning spray that you would use on your kitchen oven. To clean the glass, use a damp cloth to wipe down after each use. For more stubborn residue use hot soapy water and a non-scratch scourer to clean. You can also use a domestic (non-aerosol) glass cleaner if desired.

NOTE: The doors of the oven have been screen printed with a special heat resistant paint. Heavy duty scourers may damage the paint and are NOT recommended for use.

To keep your oven clean and dry when not in use, keep it covered with the included Fornetto cover specially designed to fit.



Like any cooking appliance care should be taken when using the oven and children kept clear at all times.

The cast iron doors on the oven and combustion chamber, while insulated to retain heat, will become very hot during operation and care should be taken when opening. We recommend wearing gloves, which have been especially designed with added insulation for use with the oven.



- Fabricante: Fornetto

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