Heatstrip Indoor 1200 Watt

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Heatstrip Indoor 1200 Watt.

Heatstrip Indoor is the original Australian made range of medium intensity electric radiant heaters suitable for protected indoor applications.

Typical applications include:

- School classrooms.
- Sports facilities and halls.
- Lecture halls and churches.
- Warehouses, showrooms, offices and industrial heating.
- Shops, factories and restaurants.
- Dance & yoga studio.
- Childcare facilities.
- Bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms.
- Cash till / checkout areas in service areas.

Why choose Heatstrip electric radiant heaters for your indoor area?:
As there is can be significant air movement in an open or uninsulated indoor area, many conventional heaters rely on convection heating which works by heating the surrounding air. This can be quite impractical for these areas, as this heated air can easily be lost, or naturally move to areas where it becomes ineffective (eg. high ceilings). Radiant style heaters transfer heat directly to objects through infra-red waves.

Whilst convection heaters heat the air in between objects, radiant heaters heat the surface of the objects themselves. HEATSTRIP® electric radiant heaters are effective within uninsulated or hard-to-heat indoor area because they provide targeted warmth directly to the people and objects in their path.

Features & Benefits:

- Stylish, Modern, Sleek, Slimline design:
The new modern, slimline design of the Heatstrip Indoor makes it the sleekest profile on the market. It will elegantly and seamlessly blend into any indoor environment or décor. Effective, efficient heating solution for all tough-to-heat, open indoor applications The innovative design of the Heatstrip Indoor enables comfortable and even heat dispersion from the surface with minimal operating costs. The unique, Australian designed alloy profile allows up to 90% of the heating energy to be directed to the heating zone, while 10% is emitted as convective heat. This high efficiency ratio means greater heating value. These medium intensity heaters have an improved water protection rating of IP45 and are specifically designed for indoor heating.

- Heatstrip performance:
The Heatstrip Indoor design incorporates a unique profile with a high surface. The enhanced design of the heating element and panel ensures rapid heat dispersion to provide an ideal indoor comfort heat environment.

- Suitable for Multiple Applications — commercial & residential:
Heatstrip Indoor can be designed to provide comfort heating for a single room or a huge stadium, and either a large group or a single person.

- Minimal maintenance:
The Heatstrip Indoor incorporates no internal moving parts ensuring quiet and virtually maintenance free operation.

- Standard ceiling brackets are supplied.

- Width: 93 cm. x Height: 23,5 cm. x Depth: 4,2 cm.

- Power: 1200 watts.

- Voltage: 230 V.

- Current amps: 5.

- Weight: 6 Kg.

- Made in Australia.

- Manufacturer: Grandhall

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